Visitor Visa – Tourist stream subclass 600 (Inside Australia)

Tourist stream 600 (inside Australia) is for applicant who is inside of Australia and wishes to stay longer in Australia for varied reasons. These reasons include:  graduates who wish to apply for another substantive visa, but may not have met the criteria such as English or the skill assessment yet to be finalized.

Those who want to depart Australia but need to dispose of their personal items such as their cars and to close their bank accounts can also consider applying for this visa.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the most commonly see reason is that there are not enough international flights or the price is too high, visa holders can renew their visa onshore, but have to request for waiver of No-Further-Stay condition 8503 first.

Duration of the visa

Most applications onshore may get a 3 months duration visa, although some may receive a 6 months visa duration. On very rare occasions can applicants be granted 12 months visa.

However for those who were holding a multi-travel tourist visa of 3 years duration before may receive a visa of 12 months duration if they renew onshore.

Cost costs

The visa application charge for renewal of a tourist visa onshore is AU$365 per each applicant. However if you are renewing the visa for a second time onshore, you will need to pay an extra of A$700 as subsequent temporary application charge.