Visitor Visa – Business Stream Subclass 600

Business stream subclass 600 is for those who intend to come to Australia for business purposes. The business activities include: attending a meeting or conference or an event or a trade fair or seminar; investigating business opportunities and negotiating a business deal or signing a business agreement; conducting activities as part of an official government visit.

Criteria for subclass 600

You must meet all of part of the following criteria when you apply for this visa.

  • You must be a genuine visitor for business. You are coming to Australia not for other purposes, such as employment or marriage etc.  You must obey any conditions in the visa.
  • You must a person of good character. This means you must not have any criminal records against you either from the country where you had ever lived or from Australia.
  • You must demonstrate that you have enough money to cover the while period of your stay in Australia. 
  • You may meet Australia’s health requirement.
  • Sometimes you may be required to have and maintain health insurance.
  • You or your family members must not have any debts owed to Australian government. Your visa won’t be granted until the debts are paid back.

Purpose(s) of the visa

  • You are coming to make general business enquiries.
  • You are coming to investigate, negotiate or enter into a business deal.
  • To attend a conference or meeting, a trade fair or seminar.
  • You are not allowed to work or sell any products or services to public.

Duration of the visa

The visa length is totally up to the Australian Department of Home Affairs on  case by base situations, with a validity of from 3 months minimum to up to 12 months, depending on who long you want to stay and why you want to visit Australia. 

Please book a time with Korrylink for your best option.

Family members included in the application

A business stream subclass 600 won’t allow a family member, such as a child or spouse to be included in the application. Any other secondary applicants must lodge a separate application.

Cost costs

The current visa costs for this business stream is AU$145 per each applicant.