Our Other Services

Translation from Chinese to English

At Korrylink, we can also offer additional translation services from Chinese to English or vice versa. Australian government requires all documents other than English be accompanied with a NAATI accredited translation for all visa and citizenship applications.

NAATI stands for National Accreditation Authority for Translator and Interpreters, an Australian national standards and accreditation body, governing and maintaining the high standards in translation and interpretation practice in Australia.

Our accreditation of NAATI Professional Translator (Level 3) enables us to offer extra and value-added services to our clients who are in need of this translation services.

For more information about NAATI translation, you may visit the NAATI’s website at https://www.naati.com.au/

Justice of the Peace Certification

Justices of the Peace (JP) in Western Australia are appointed by the WA Governor who authorises them to carry out a wide range of official administrative and judicial duties in the community.

In addition to presiding in the Magistrates Court, Justices of the Peace are regularly called upon by the WA Police to sign search warrants and authorise the issuing of summonses. The administrative tasks include witnessing affidavits and documents such as wills and statutory declarations.

Mr Lu’s JP accreditation and registration can be found at his profile page and at government website at https://www.wa.gov.au/.

In addition to JP, the following people can also do the documents certification and identity declaration.

  • Australian consular officer or Australian diplomatic officer (check if this service is available at your nearest Australian embassy or consulate)
  • bailiff
  • bank officer with 5 or more years of continuous service
  • building society officer with 5 or more years of continuous service
  • chiropractor (licensed or registered)
  • clerk of court
  • commissioner for affidavits
  • commissioner for declarations
  • credit union officer with 5 or more years of continuous service
  • dentist (licensed or registered)
  • fellow of the National Tax Accountant’s Association
  • finance company officer with 5 or more years of continuous service
  • judge of a court
  • justice of the peace
  • legal practitioner (licensed or registered)
  • magistrate
  • marriage celebrant licensed or registered under Subdivision C of Division 1 of Part IV of the Marriage Act 1961
  • master of a court
  • medical practitioner (licensed or registered)
  • member of Chartered Secretaries Australia
  • member of Engineers Australia, other than at the grade of student
  • member of the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants
  • member of the Australian Defence Force with 5 or more years of continuous service
  • member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants or the Institute of Public Accountants
  • member of the Parliament of the Commonwealth, a State, a Territory Legislature, or a local government authority of a State or Territory
  • minister of religion licensed or registered under Subdivision A of Division 1 of Part IV of the Marriage Act 1961
  • nurse (licensed or registered)
  • optometrist (licensed or registered)
  • permanent employee of Australian, state or local government authority with at least 5 or more years of continuous service.
  • permanent employee of the Australian Postal Corporation with 5 or more years of continuous service
  • pharmacist (licensed or registered)
  • physiotherapist (licensed or registered)
  • police officer
  • psychologist (licensed or registered)
  • registered migration agent (where registration is not suspended or subject to a caution)
  • registrar or deputy registrar of a court
  • sheriff
  • teacher employed on a full-time basis at a school or tertiary education institution, or
  • veterinary surgeon (licensed or registered)