Student Visa Checklist


In order to apply for an Australian student visa, applicants need to provide some basic documentation to support your application. According to the current student visa policy, applicants are not classified as different levels of risk. This means everyone who intends to apply for an Australian student visa will be treated equally.

However applicants from different countries and applying for different level of studies may be required to provide additional documentation in order for the government to make assessment.

The following is a list of the some general documents that applicant needs to provide at the time of visa application.

  • The academic qualifications or award you have obtained, including high school graduation certificate, diploma, bachelor degree or master degree awards;
  • Academic transcripts of the corresponding qualifications;
  • Current study enrolment statement from the education institutions, verifying what course you are studying;
  • Birth certificate to approve the applicant’s age if he or she is under 18 years of age;
  • Sufficient money to support your first year study in Australia, including the living expenses. The money can be bank deposits under your name or your parents name or a loan from financial institutions.
  • A GTE statement, outlying why you want to take this course and what is your future plan after completion of study;
  • Any other additional document that the Australian government requests you to provide;

Such a document checklist (PDF file) can be downloaded here.

In additional, in order to help us with the visa lodgement, applicant needs to provide some personal information, which is required in the application form. Such a Student Visa Personal Information Form can be downloaded Student Visa Applicant Information Sheet.

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