GTE Statement

What is a GTE  statement ?

GTE stands for Genuine Temporary Entrant.  It is an integrity measure to demonstrate that students are coming to Australia temporarily in order to gain a quality education and intend to use the student visa program for its intended purposes only and not as a channel for migration purpose or to gain permanent residency in Australia .

GTE requirement applies to all student visa applications.

The case officer will make the assessment based on the following  factors:

The applicant’s circumstances in their home country

  • This factor assesses the reasons as to why the applicant NOT to undertake the chose course of study in their home country. Are there similar courses available to choose from in their home country?
  • It may also consider whether there is any political unrest in the applicant’s home country which would not support a temporary stay in Australia.
  • The applicant’s home economic situation—including family composition, number of dependents, family income and employment details, assets(property, vehicles, etc.) and liabilities (loans, mortgages, etc.)
  • The applicant’s social and economic connections with their home country; whether there are good incentives for them go back to their home country after their study?  What are the employment prospects in their home country etc.? Whether there strong family ties for you to return to your home country after your study.

The Course You are Choosing

You will need to consider the following points in your GTE statement:

  • Explain why you have chosen this particular university or school and why Australia, instead of other countries or other universities/schools;
  • Your specific knowledge about the course chosen, including the course content and costs;
  • Whether your choose of study matches well with your education background, your previous level of qualifications;
  • How the course/s you’re intending to enrol is related to previous qualifications and or employment. 
  • How the proposed program will help you achieve your career/education goals;
  • The type of employment you will be looking for after completion of your studies and whether you will intend to seek employment or career in your home country;
  • What reasons do you have to return to your home country after completing your studies (e.g. assets, job offer, and family responsibilities)?
  • If you wish to change the field of education, explain the reasons;
  • If you had some gaps in your previous studies, explain why you had such gaps;
  • Demonstrate who you will be able to financially support yourself (and any dependents) in Australia to meet living, tuition and travel expenses;

If you are not sure who to prepare your GTE statement, Korrylink will be able to help you.