Tourist Visa Overview

A tourist visa subclass 600 is to let applicant to travel to, stay in Australia for various purposes: visiting friends, family members, for a holiday or sightseeing; for business negotiation, attending a conference; You may also use this visa for medical treatment in Australia.

A tourist visa subclass 600 may be further classified up to 6 different streams, depending on the purpose of the visit, although they are all called a visitor visa subclass 600.  It is intended for applicant to travel and stay in Australia temporarily from 3 months to up to 12 months or even longer.

Applicant may choose to apply for, based on your circumstances, a proper category that best suits you.

All visitor visa subclass 600 may have the following common features and conditions:

  • Each applicant must lodge their own application. This means an applicant can’t include a family member (for example a child or spouse) in his or her application. A separate application must be lodged for each member of the family units, of course with separate application fees.
  • Visa holders can enrol into a course whilst in Australia, but the course should not be longer than 3 months. This is called Condition 8201. Most tourist visa allows you to stay 3 months for each entry into Australia. If you want to stay longer, you can depart Australia and enter again.
  • All visitor visas holders are not permitted to work at any time. This is called Condition 8101.
  • Some visas may contain a 8503 condition, meaning that while you are in Australia, you may not apply for a new substantive visa, unless the condition is waived. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic period, a lot of visitors received a waiver of the 8503 condition and can renew their visitor visa onshore.

If you are not sure which stream you wish to apply for, please consult with Korrylink for an option. We can provide you with a detailed checklist to make  your application simple with peace of mind.