Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold

TSMIT stands for the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold. When employers are ready to nominate foreign workers for TSS 482, subclass 186 visas, they must meet minimum salary and employment condition requirements in order to ensure:

  • Foreign workers are not disadvantaged in their salary payment and are paid no less than a local Australian worker who does the same job in the same location in the work place. This is called the  “Annual Market Salary Rate” (AMSR).
  • Foreign workers are not exploited by employers while they are working in Australia.

The current TSMIS is A$53,900 per annum. This rate has remained for a couple of years unchanged. The salary rates for different positions may vary, and may differ on the nature of the positions and location, even on experience.   No matter what position an employer would like to nominate, the salary can’t be lower than this rate.

It is worth noting that this TSMIT does not includes non-monetary benefits, such as transport, accommodation, travel subsidy or other benefits offered to the employees. These benefits must be paid in addition to the TSMIT.

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