Articulation Programs


Korrylink Migration, in conjunction with Australia China Federation for International Education has been actively engaged jointly in setting-up and operation of several articulation programs between Australia universities or colleges with Chinese counterparts in various disciplines or academic areas.

Successful programs which are currently running include the following programs:

South China Normal University
Shandong Normal University
Hubei University of Technology
Tianjin Foreign Studies
Shantou University

For detailed information about these programs, please consult with Korrylink.

CRL  Agreement signed between Curtin University and China’s Shantou University 

On 21 April 2022 Curtin University in Western Australia executed  an articulation agreement with China’s Shantou University in Guangdong Province to recruit students of business and computer science  as from July 2022. This is the resul of more than four years negotiation and discussion between the two universities and the hard liaision work by Korrylink.

This program was initiated by Shantou University in September 2018 when the School of International Education of Shantou University was established. Although articulation agreement was reached in May 2019, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this program was put onhold and delayed for political reasons between the two countries.

We are glad that Shantou University would like to resume with this program. It is believed that Curtin University is the first foreign partner university for Shantou University’s Study Abroad program.

According to this simplified articulation agreement or Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) agreement, students from Shantou University, upon completion of 2-year Study of Abroad programs in business and in Computer Science & Technology, will be articulated into Curtin University with 200 credits exemptions (equivalent to 1 year or 8 units). Students will have to meet the Curtin University English entry requirement of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.   It is expected that Curtin’ English Bridging course will be introduced to Shantou University also once the Study Abroad program starts running in September 2022 at Shantou University. Vistitors who are interetsed in this program can get access to the CRL agreement by clicking here CRL Agreement_Shantou University.

Shantou University is looking at recruiting about 200 students in their first cohort of campaign for their internaional program.

We look forward to welcoming students from Shantou University in the near future.