Who We Are and What We Do

Migration and Education Services

Registered in 2004 Korrylink Migration Consultants (Korrylink) has been engaged in the migration and education businesses with broad experience in providing migration and education assistance and solutions for tens of thousands customers and clients. We are registered and endorsed by the Australian the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) with the migration agent number being 0848726, which you can find in the Australian government website at www.mara.gov.au↗.

We understand migration to another country either for work or for study at a different environment is really a big challenge and a hard decision to make in your pursuit for a better life. So that’s why it’s so important to find a trustworthy and reliable migration agent to help you out.

We understand that a small mistake may cause serious consequences and change your life plans and future. That’s why we never dare to move off the right track to your migration endeavour. We are happy to take your stress away with our professional knowledge and dedication.

Labour Hire Recruitment Services

In addition to the above business activities, Korrylink, in partnership with professional labour hire company is also registered and engaged in recruitment of skilled labourers/workers for local Australian businesses and companies either locally or from overseas. Without our long history of good cooperation with industries of various types in Australia, we have helped hundreds of employers and sponsors recruit their highly needed skilled workers. We are happy to establish a strong partnership with foreign recruitment agencies and labour hire companies to achieve the win-win recruitment results.

More information can be found at our Labour Hire and Recruitment Services page.

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