Business Visas (Provisional) Overview

Australia welcomes business people of high calibre to invest and live in Australia. Business people can take the advantage of their successful business background and capitals to apply for one of the business investment visa streams and bring all their family members to live and invest in Australia.

It’s important to know some basic information about the business Investment visas and streams and some common requirements.

Except for the business permanent visa subclass 888, all the 188 Business Innovation and Investment visas streams 188a, 188b, 188c, 188d and188E are a two-stage visa. Applicants will be granted a four-year provisional visa first and after meeting the minimum criteria and requirements under the temporary visa in Australia, they may apply for the permanent visa subclass 888.

All applicants must seek to be nominated and sponsored by an Australian State or Territory and receive an EOI invitation before they can apply for the visa.

188A Business Innovation Stream

188A business innovation stream visa is for successful business owners or investors from overseas who are looking for operating a new or existing business in Australia and to intend to migrate with their business skills.

188B Business Innovation Stream

188B business investor stream visa is intended for successful investors or entrepreneurs who are looking for invest at least AU$1.5 million in an Australian State or Territory and to maintain business or investment activity in Australia.

188C Significant Investor Stream

188C significant investor stream visa is for high-calibre people who are willing to invest at least AU$5 million in complying investments projects for four years before they are eligible for a permanent visa subclass 888.

188D Premium Investor Stream

188D premium investor stream visa is for high-end worth individuals who can invest at least AU$15 million in Australian investments for 4 years and 3 months and /or make philanthropic contributions.

188E Entrepreneur Stream

118E entrepreneur stream is for people who want to undertake, or propose to undertake complying entrepreneurial activities in Australia with at least AU$200,000 funding agreement with a third party. Applicant need to propose a feasible business plan for the proposed entrepreneur activity.

888 Business Innovation and Investment visa (permanent)

This visa is the second stage of the Business Innovation and Investment visas of different streams of 188 visa. 188 visa holders may apply for this subclass visa after holding the 188 provisional visa either for 2 years for 188A stream or 4 years for 188B stream, and have met all other prescribed criteria.

If you have successful business backgrounds and can demonstrate you have sufficient funds or personal assets, and wish to invest and live in Australia, please check with Korrylink for your eligibility and visa process.