Korrylink is pleased to advise that its new website is officially launched today on the 3 August 2021.  This is the result of more than one year’s preparation and redesign by professional web designer.

The new website contains the following features:

  • High quality home page image sliders with 8 photos;
  • Latest new and migration policy updates;
  • Easy navigation menus where you can find what you need for different visa categories and their requirements;
  • Under the main menus on the top, move your mouse on any of the menu, you will see sub-menus;
  • Multiple ways of contacting with us, including email, phone numbers, WeChat, facebook and Twitter links;
  •  Live Google map embedded at the bottom of the page and in the “Contact US” page;
  • At the bottom of each page, you will see the Quick Link menu, where you can find Corporate Services; Labour Hire Service etc.
  • Interactive Contact Us form where you can drop us a few lines, and upload your supporting documents. Your message will instantly reach to us via email;

Happy navigation and browsing !