How to Recover or Regain an Expired PR Visa?

How to recover or regain an expired PR visa ?

There are circumstances when visa holders’ PR visa elapsed or expired without renewal, which may prevent them from entering Australia. But they may wish to recover or regain their expired PR visa.

If you have departed Australia as a PR and have not renewed your permanent visa (former PR), it is possible to recover your PR by applying for an RRV subclass 157 or subclass 159 visa.

A subclass 159 provides for a return journey to Australia for a person who claims that, immediately before going overseas, he or she was an Australian permanent resident (i.e. the holder of a permanent visa) or an Australian citizen who was usually resident in Australia. The visa caters for situations where the applicant is unable to prove the claim, but has urgent and compelling reasons for travelling to Australia before proving the claim. The visa can only be applied for and granted outside Australia.

Subclass 159 is a temporary resident visa and only valid for 3 months. It provides a single entry only, which must take place within 3 months from the date of grant of the visa.  After entering Australia, they can reapply for or regain their permanent residence by applying for another RRV visa such as Class BB.

Please note if your previous PR visa had been cancelled, you can’t recover the PR visa anymore.